5 Tips To Rid of Telemarketers/Spammers



5 Tips to Get Rid of Google Adwords Telemarketers & Spammers

We’ve had a few of our clients contact us in recent months to tell us they’ve been called or emailed by Google about a great offer for advertising online. Some have even had door to door salesmen come by promising similar things. Unfortunately dealing with the aftermath can be a lot more difficult and it is not just about loosing a few thousand dollars down the drain on poorly planned and executed marketing. Telemarketers and spammers tie up your precious time and resources and some of them are just downright rude.

Many of these telemarketers promise amazing results for very little money. To date we have never had a telemarketer ring our office selling a realistic Google AdWords program. One telemarketer promised to have our Google ad placed in the number one position in the serch results for the term “web designer” for searches done anywhere in the world (“Pranesh”, wherever you are, I hope nobody has ever bought anything off you). Just as you’d expect, if the deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is. It seems that one way or another, many of these unscrupulous companies will rip you off. The Google system does not make it possible to have such amazing deals and many telemarketers simply lie to get you through the door.

Here’s how to deal with them quickly and effectively.

Tip 1: Ask a Google telemarketer if they’re really from Google. The first thing to remember is that the telemarketers calling you are most probably not from Google. Many companies both here and overseas employ telemarketers to promote their Google AdWords services.

Tip 2: Ignore their email spam. Some telemarketers will spam you before or after they call you. The nasty ones will do both. Then they will do it again. Ignore them. If you respond to their email it’s like waving something in front of a bull. They will charge straight for it. Don’t give your email address to them either.

Tip 3: Ask them what their Google certifications are. Google has a Certification Program to qualify people for the correct and proper use of AdWords. If the person running your Google AdWords campaign isn’t properly qualified, then chances are that they won’t be making you the best ad campaign or they could be doing things that will get your website punished in future ranking results. Check the Google certifications of the people running your campaign. Don’t waste your time if they aren’t a Google Certified Partner or Google Qualified Individual.

Tip 4: Ask them why they’re calling if they’re so good at online marketing. If their online campaigns of any sort were good, then why aren’t they busy with all the business they’ve pulled in from the internet. Why are they resorting to telemarketing?

Tip 5: Tell Eightball. Should you get any calls or emails from people selling AdWords or any other form of online marketing, please feel free to report this to us. We don’t like our clients getting spammed and called by telemarketers. We can set up extra measures to prevent this.

Unfortunately the dishonest marketing of AdWords related services has given a bad name to AdWords in some circles. Beware of slick door to door salesmen who promise to get your site to the top of Google too!

AdWords can be a cost effective and powerful tool for marketing your business online. Coupled with a quality, well planned website, a Google AdWords campaign run by Google Qualified Individual can generate fabulous results. If you’re interested in a quality, planned out, online marketing campaign, then contact Eightball Media.

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