7 Tips to Love Your Brand


As a business owner, you’re busy keeping up with customers, day-to-day tasks and employees. It’s a full-time job! Your brand may be the last thing you are thinking about, but branding may not be the last thing on your competitor’s mind.

Are your competitors enjoying the benefits of having a consistent corporate identity across their website, social media, uniforms and the fit-out of their business premises? Do they have a logo and slogan that captures the essence of what their business is all about?

It’s never too late to make your brand shine. From your logo to business cards, to your website and social media presence, find out how you can put your best foot forward.

Do you love your brand?

Take this test to find out if your brand is feeling the love:

  • Do you have a professional brand style guide that ensures visual consistency across every channel?
  • Can your employees describe the personality of your brand? Do they know your company’s values?
  • Does your slogan accurately describe your business, or do you even have one?
  • Does your corporate stationery have consistent visuals? Are these visuals consistent across every channel including your website, company vehicles, signage and advertising material?
  • When customers interact with your brand through your blog, social media, email newsletter, website or when they visit your store, do they have a consistent experience?

If you answered ‘no’ to some – if not all – of these questions, then it’s time that you undertook a brand audit.

Not sure about what branding means or want to find out about terms like brand strategy? Click here to read our article ‘Your logo isn’t your brand‘.

Otherwise, read on to find out the top seven tips on how you can love your brand.

1. Keep it consistent

Tips to Love Your Brand: Keep It Consistent

Imagine if you visited Subway and their restaurant walls were red and yellow. In fact, the interior of the restaurant had the same colours as McDonald’s. How would you feel if you bought a diamond ring from Tiffany& Co and it was displayed in a purple and yellow polka dot box? Part of ‘buzz’ around Tiffany & Co is their iconic Tiffany blue box.

These powerful companies keep their branding consistent across every channel. Whether you visit their store, website, social media pages or buy their products, these brands have consistent visuals and message across every customer touch point.

2. It starts with your logo

Tips to Love Your Brand: Start With Your Logo

Although your brand identity starts with your logo, it certainly doesn’t stop there.
One of the biggest misconceptions about brand strategy is that your logo is the ‘be all and end all’ of your brand.

Your brand encompasses your corporate identity, website, social media, uniforms, advertising, promotions and the intangible aspects of your company. Your brand is what differentiates you from your competitor. It is the tone of voice in your communication, your brand personality, values, where you are positioned in the market, your brand story and who you want your customers to perceive you to be.

It starts with a smokin’ hot logo from a graphic design company and ensures that every interaction with your customer tells the story you want. Isn’t it time you looked at your entire brand? Do you need to show love to your brand in certain areas, e.g. your outdated website needs a refresh or you have unmatching uniforms?

3. The little things matter

Tips to Love Your Brand: Keep Your Brand Consistent

It’s easy to forget that the little things matter when it comes to your brand. Don’t skimp on your business card or other aspects of your corporate identity including:

With Compliments
With compliments
Promo items like giveaway pens

Love your brand by taking care of the little details.

4. Social media

Tips to Love Your Brand: Be on Social Media

Once you have created a winning brand identity and strategy, it’s time to tell the world about it. With so many people on social media every day, you can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to promote your brand through social media.

Use social media to improve customer service and engagement. Share posts that reinforce your brand values and personality. Build your brand by posting consistent visuals on Instagram, e.g. check out Tiffany & Co’s Instagram page. How many times can you spot the Tiffany & Co brand colour and their distinct blue box with a white ribbon?

Do a social media audit:

  • ¬†How does your Facebook page look? Is the design consistent with the look and feel of your brand?
  • Is the look and feel of your images on your Instagram page consistent? What mood and message do they portray?
  • Is the tone of voice too casual for your corporate image?

Find out which social media platform suits your business.


5. Data and analytics

Tips to Love Your Brand: Analyse Your Data

You’ve worked hard to create a great brand. It’s consistent across every touchpoint, and customers love your brand. Without the data to prove it, you’ll never know how well your brand is performing.

Are you collecting data through tools such as Google Analytics or Google Webmaster tools? If you’ve never used these analytical tools, then don’t worry. Your online marketing and SEO agency can help you understand these reports and show you how well your brand is performing.

With their expertise, you can find out about your online brand mentions:

  • What are people saying about your brand?
  • What’s the online conversation or ‘buzz’ surrounding your brand?

6. Website design

Tips to Love Your Brand: Have A Great Website

We all love freebies! Who wants to pay for a website when your 15-year old niece or computer whizz son can create one using a free platform? As tempting as this may be, this approach can cost your brand dearly. Invest in a professional website that is consistent with your brand.

A poor quality website will result in a poor user experience for your website visitors. If your competitor has a better website, then you may lose sales to your competitor!

7. Invest in SEO

Tips to Love Your Brand: Invest in Search Engine Optimisation

You may wonder how SEO relates to your brand? How can customers interact with you if they can’t find your website?

Where do you rank on Google? Is your website on the 10th page of Google? If so, you need an SEO Consultant to help you boost your rankings.


This Valentine’s Day – and every day of the year – it’s worth loving your brand. If your brand is feeling unloved and a tad neglected, then book a session with Eightball Media’s branding experts. Our team will show you how you can put your brand’s best foot forward. Whether you need a brand overhaul or just a few minor tweaks, we will help you create a winning brand strategy.

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