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5 Essential features to a successful marketing Plan

Businesses that are successful usually have a marketing plan and most would tell you that while executing the plan has its challenges, developing the plan and deciding what to do and how to do it is often the longest part of the process. Your marketing plan should be clear, concise and well though out document that guides you through your marketing criteria starting with your overall objective and how you intend to accomplish that objective.

Position Your Product

Positioning is the most critical element to consider when putting together your marketing plan. It involves creating the image and identity in the minds of your customers each time they experience your product and building the infrastructure around it to support it.

Gather Information

Information is one of the most powerful assets a person can posses and having the ability to leverage other people’s information is exponentially better. To help define your marketing plan, tap into your brain trust for ideas, market and competitive perspectives.

Listen to your Customers

The best way to find out what is in your customer’s head is to simply ask them. Whether you’re a new business or an established one, understanding your target market is an important element to your marketing plan. It is important to get your customer’s perspective to your product, its price, quality and anything else that influences their purchasing decision. Try handing out samples, conducting surveys or test marketing your product.

Create a Simple Plan

Every business, both small and large, will benefit greatly from a well thought out planning process and a key component to every success business is a good marketing plan that answers the basic questions: who, what, why, where, when an how much.  Creating a marketing plan is critical component to on-going success and is not something that should be ignored. This plan does not have to be overly complex, simple yet effective is the key.

Track Results

A successful marketing plan is tracked and measured. In order to measure your performance and determine if your plan is successful, you must identify how you will be measuring the success of your plan.

If you take the time to cover these 5 main aspects in your marketing plan you will have saved yourself possibly years of struggling and working on getting everything right while at the same time balancing out your time working in the business.

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