Brand New Jobs boosts the employment market


Brand New Jobs is an online job search engine that offers both a search bar and a category index. A job seeker using the website is able to search by keyword, category or brand. The Australian online job search website was recently released and includes a number of key features to boost awareness and drive traffic to the site. Eightball Media – a website and marketing firm – created the website, branding and profiling system through a 12 week process.BNJ

To drive traffic to the website, Eightball Media released a number of articles on how to find work. This included articles for students looking for part time work or casual work. The website and business details were submitted to a range of web directories. Search engine optimisation was incorporated in the website package, including Google and Yahoo listing. The idea started initially as a design plan, which then moved on to the website structure and the creation of static pages. Eightball Media implemented integrated code, search engine submission, graphic artwork and social media plug-ins.

The website displays a large amount of graphics and artwork, to give it a friendly welcoming appearance. This is combined with a red and white colour scheme to really stand out, and top bar hyperlinks to aid navigation. Some of the other features of the job hunting website include: social media links (LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, twitter and Google Plus), signup/registration form, job posting system and a job wiki.

Eightball Media used integrated code to create the job seeker profile system, employment board, advanced job applicant filtering system and the “bucket list”. When job Classifications/Job Roles and Locations are entered, any current job advertisements that match are added to a suggested jobs list in the user’s account. All job advertisements that are a job hunter has applied for can be viewed in the user’s profile – this is especially useful if a job applicant gets a job interview, and they want to revise the job listing.

Brand New Jobs provides a fun and easy profile template, which includes the option of uploading a photo. The company also offers advice for people looking for a job – including commonly asked interview questions and answers for different industries. Brand New Jobs guarantees a response for job seekers and maximum exposure for employers looking to post a job. If you are interested in finding a job or posting a job then check out Brand New Jobs. If you would like to enquire about a website, branding or internet marketing then call 07 3122 9888 or view our portfolio.

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