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shen_mikk_sally_eightball_mediaYour Website is a Salesperson

This was a recent article posted on the Business Lifestyle and Technology Ezine by our marketing consultant Scott Peers. If you want your business website to make you money and generate great results for your business then here is an easy way of considering what’s hot and what’s not with your website.

Try making this quick comparison….

Here’s how to do it – Look at your website as if it was a salesperson for your business because that’s what it should be.

Start by thinking about the traits you would like to see in a great salesperson and consider if these same traits are currently reflected on your business website. Firstly, you would want your salesperson to display a professional and appropriate image of your business. Your salesperson would do this by dressing well to immediately create a positive impression. Accordingly, your website should be neat and professional in appearance.

If you expect a salesperson to respond quickly to enquiries then you should expect the same from your website. A great salesperson also has up-to-date knowledge and doesn’t tell people information and prices that have been outdated a couple of years ago. Make sure that your website also has relevant and current information and gives fast responses to enquiries.

When a potential customer visits your website you want to be confident that they are impressed with what they see and that they have an informative, enjoyable experience that reflects well on your business just the same as they would when they meet a person that represents your business.

Now do you want to know something really fantastic about your website?It can be working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and doesn’t need time off. So when other salespeople are sleeping your website can still be selling.

By now you probably get the idea. If a salesperson for your company was reflecting a negative image on your business you wouldn’t be happy. Why would you settle for less with your company website?

Take a look over your site. If you have areas of your site that are not up to date or you wished looked a little bit better then consider getting some adjustments. Just like a great salesperson, when your site is well presented and maintained it will produce better results. What about your competitors, do they have a better salesperson than you?

Eightball Media can help
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