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tse_logo_sml_blk_smaller_file_sizeWhen it comes to computers, there is something that insurance can’t replace and that is data.

There is peace of mind knowing that if the elements conspire against your business, your insurance cover should allow you to have damaged equipment replaced so you can get going again quickly. However, insurance can not replace your data. Where would your business be without your MYOB file or your 5 years worth of email or contacts to give just a few examples?

Our experience shows that businesses with solid backup procedures can rapidly recover from a computer disasters but all too often, backing up data falls into the “I always meant to do it” category.

A good backup system involves having multiple copies of files rotated through onsite/offsite storage to allow rollback to a given point in the past. This can be achieved with tape backup, external storage devices, online backup systems and in the case of very small businesses, even CD or DVD.

So whether you have a server or a single PC running your business from home, TS Electronics can help design backup procedures that meet your business needs and get you quickly back on your feet when disaster strikes.

Information provided by David Price from TS Electronics

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