Prevent, Protect, Preserve: Expert Web Maintenance Plans

Imagine your website is a window through which the world (including potential customers and partners) sees your business. But what if that window became infested with sneaky bugs or shattered by security loopholes lurking in your code?

Not only could it tarnish your company’s reputation, but it could also lead to hefty fines if private customer data falls into the wrong hands. That’s why regular web maintenance is so critical. It’s like installing a protective shield for your website, allowing us to learn where, why and how your site can improve and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

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Key Benefits of Regular Web Maintenance

Still not convinced? Let’s get a bit more into the nitty gritty of it. Here’s two key reasons why web maintenance is so important, straight from the horse’s mouth (A.K.A our superstar developers):

Boost website functionality & performance

Over time, innovative, more efficient ways are invented to run web page scripts and optimise performance. Running regular checks and implementing these script updates can enhance functionality, improve page generation times and avoid costly downtime.

Prevent data breaches or issues before they happen

Running regular checks also helps us to identify any malicious software or bugs within your website’s code and plugins in advance. By locating and implementing the appropriate system updates, we can help you avoid hefty fines by keeping your customers’ confidential data safe and sound.


Getting too technical? Don’t worry, we got you!

At Eightball, we don’t just build websites; we provide all the services to support them, including tailored website maintenance plans. Our IT support team and web developers are experts in their field, offering rapid response times and years of knowledge to keep your website looking and working its best. From CMS and plugin updates to security checks and bug fixes, we’ll take care of everything from A-Z.


What’s involved in our Website Care Packages?

For eCommerce sites, we recommend monthly maintenance, as payment systems require extra-tight security. For other standard sites, we typically recommend bi-monthly or quarterly maintenance, depending on the individual website.

Of course, we can set you up on an ad hoc basis if this works better budget, time or performance-wise. Either way, you can rely on us to choose the right maintenance routine for your website – and stay honest and transparent every step of the way.

These are the core tasks we perform for every customer

  • Update CMS to latest Stable version on same version branch
  • Update all installed extensions to the latest compatible stable version
  • Check website traffic log for unusual spikes
  • Briefly check as many website files as possible for intrusion
  • Inspect files modified since the last round of maintenance
  • Check SSL certificate
  • Time permitting, check for excessive 301s, 404s, and large images
  • Send you a report of the work done and any items to look into further

*We believe there’s always room for improvement, and that includes our services. That’s why we periodically review this list during maintenance and make adjustments or additions where necessary.


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