Christmas is coming!


Not only are Christmas cards a tradition, but sending a business Christmas card lets your clients and/or customers know that they are important to you. That’s important in terms of furthering a relationship.

Christmas is nearly here and with Christmas comes the abundance of well wishes and kind thoughts in the form of Christmas cards. Wouldn’t it be nice to send a more personalised card to your clients that includes your branding and well wishes on a unique design that properly represents your business?

It is an excellent idea to send out a Christmas card to all your clients, ideally you should be sending out a branded Christmas card which includes a small gift from your business. This could range from a discount for one of your products or services or maybe an offer from another business whom you might have a close relationship with. Think outside the box and consider what you could give to your clients, to say Thank You and Merry Christmas!

Here at Eightball Media we’re offering all our newsletter subscribers a 15% discount on graphic design and printing of any Christmas card designs untill the end of the month. So get your Christmas hats on and get into the Christmas spirit

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