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Lately some of our clients have experienced a warning message related to malware on their website.

We’re able to resolve this issue quite quickly as soon as we are aware of it. The best course of action if this situation occurs to you is to contact us as soon as possible and inform us this has happened. From there, we will work out why the issue occurred, fix it, and get Google to retest the website.

These warning messages are due to hackers taking advantage of newly found exploits in the code of websites. When a website is made, we endeavour to protect the website from the most common threats. From time to time hackers find new ways to break in to websites and thanks to the internet are able to communicate and share their findings with other hackers very easily. The latest trend has been automatic tools that people with little computer or programming skills can use to attempt to hack a website. This has lead to the birth of the “script kiddie”, a young, unskilled wannabe hacker who merely uses the work of other hackers in their attempts to gain recognition.

Most attempts at hacking websites are almost harmless. When Google issues a warning it usually means that the website code has been compromised and that a “doorway” has been left for hackers to take advantage of in the future. If this happens it is important that this doorway is closed as soon as possible, so it is important to let Eightball know as soon as you are aware of the warning. In most situations Google will email us to inform us of the issue, but it’s good to check.

Eightball Media servers and websites block many thousands of hack attempts each day. While we endeavour to protect the systems as much as possible, no web server is ever completely secure (unless it is turned OFF). Even high profile high security websites like the CIA and the Whitehouse have been hacked in the past year.

This being said, we endeavour to maintain the highest level of security for our clients and protect your websites as much as is feasible. We will ensure that if there are any issues arising through hacking attempts that we shall resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Mikk Willemse
Technical Director

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