Don’t Upgrade Your CMS Alone!

Recently, a client saw a message on their content management system (CMS) requesting an upgrade. Believing this was a procedure as simple as upgrading a phone app, they decided to do the upgrade themselves. To their dismay (and ours) the whole CMS crashed and had their blog had to be rebuilt. Therefore, we ask you not to attempt an upgrade or update your CMS on your own. Save yourself a headache. If you see a message requesting an upgrade or update, send us a message. We will happily do it for you!

Don't Upgrade Your CMS Alone

What’s a CMS?

Not sure what a CMS is? That’s OK, most people don’t. A CMS is a web application created to help those who are not technical to edit and manage their website. The user interface is intuitive enough to allow non-Webmasters to produce and publish website or blog content.

Three of the most popular CMS platforms are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Web publishing tools may be open sourced or free for a basic package but cost for higher-end templates, custom domain names, web hosting, etc. There are are a variety of CMS platforms available, and deciding on the best tool for your company is contingent on the purpose and size of the project.

If you’ve hired Eightball create a professional website, why bother with regular updates? Adding unique, authentic, and purposeful content is a primary way to increase your website’s rank on Google. Good content is critical for a website’s search engine optimisation (SEO). If managing and creating articles to publish on your website sounds overwhelming, talk to us. We are happy to walk you through it and let you know how we can assist in managing you blog to increase your website’s SEO.

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