Google Maps: Urgent Changes That You Must Know

It was only a few years ago that website owners breathed a sigh of relief when they survived Google’s Mobile Armageddon. We’re now counting down to Google’s Maps Armageddon.

Haven’t heard of the changes with Google maps? You need to get prepared!

From June 11, 2018, Google will implement a pay-as-you-go pricing plan with the new Google Maps Platform.

The 18 individual APIs that Google Maps currently uses will be rolled into three categories:

  • Maps: Street view, customised dynamic maps and 360° views.
  • Routes: Directions and traffic
  • Places: Addresses, reviews and location names.

This change matters if you currently use Google maps on your website or want people to find your business with Google maps.

  • Do you have a Google map on your contact page?
  • Do you use Google maps on your store location pages?
  • Do you want people to find your business on Google maps and get contact details, directions, reviews, ratings and more?
  • Do you have a location-based website app?

Then, you may need to pay to use this service.

Can I still use Google Maps for free?
From June 11, 2018, you will get $200 free usage every month of Maps, Routes or Places. Most smaller websites will be able to continue using Google Maps for free.

What happens if I exceed the $200 monthly free credit?
You only pay for what you use. Click here to view pricing details.

What do you need to do?
Whether you have a simple Google map embedded on your website’s contact page or a location-based website application, you need to create a billing account with Google. When your monthly usage is over $200, you will be charged according to their new pricing structure.
You need valid API keys to continue using Google maps.

What happens if I don’t do anything?
If you do not enable billing with your credit card and don’t have valid API keys for your website/s, then Google Maps will stop working. Google Maps will be greyed out and will be covered with a watermark.

Eightball Media has a team of developers who can assist you with setting up a Google Maps Platform billing account and give Google the correct API keys.

Additionally, we will:

  1. Update the embedded Google Maps snippet to the most recent version which accepts the new API Key.
  2. Add your specific Merchant ID into the code snippet to ensure Google can track the usage to your biller account.

Contact us today to find out how these changes will impact your business, and to discuss the most cost-effective solution for your map usage.

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