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As always Google has been updating their Google Search Network and changing the way search is done. Recently there has been an update to Google that means having exact match domains is no longer the SEO advantage it was a week or so ago. Literally. From news just in approx 2.5% of English speaking web sites have been affected by this change. Just to clarify an exact match domain name is where the keyword or keyword phrase is part of the root of the domain name.
Examples would be:
In the past by having the domain name exactly match the search term; businesses were getting additional traffic for not much extra effort (win!). This was very popular in low-competition markets, where just having the keywords in the domain name was enough. This was great, especially for large sites with lots of interlinking pages on them.
Unfortunately, Google has now changed the way they operate. So what to do in this case scenario???
  • Fresh content will always help. Start adding new pages to your site. You will need to place targeted keywords in the page url.
  • The title tag and your Headings are also important. Look at adding some quality words and images to those new pages. But remember don’t overkill.
  • You will also need to take some time to build up new links to those pages. Online Press Releases, Article submission sites, link directories and social interaction from other websites all help.
  • Resubmit your sitemap files to Google
  • But most of all. Don’t Panic. Your ranking will fluctuate so don’t be surprised to see changes in your results. It will take a little time to readjust but you are not the only business being affected.
If you need more information please contact the team at Eightball Media.
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