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New Business Facebook Timeline – 3 Basic IMPORTANT RULES

by Shen Lam

If you have not already noticed, Facebook has changed your business page to their new timeline format. Have a look now if you haven’t already because IT’S DONE!

For those that have not re-evaluated your new facebook layout since this event change on the 31st of March – now is the time. While many of Facebook’s recent updates to your business page won’t have a big impact, here are 3 important things you need to know before you go about making adjustments to your page.

1. The new timeline has a cover image feature on the front page. It is important to make sure you optimize your cover image. The cover image measurements are 851×315 pixels and if you put anything smaller Facebook will stretch it for you automatically. You can also adjust the height of the cover image as well if it needs to be taller.

2. VERY IMPORTANT – Beaware of the new Terms of Service. You must be careful about the content you place in that cover image. You can’t put any call to action or contact information in there. In other words, the cover image might be sized like a billboard, but you are expressly forbidden from using it like one.

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3. There is no Default landing tab anymore. For those of you who previously used a landing page to greet your Facebookers, this may have a big impact on your social media strategy. Previously on Facebook business pages you could have a custom default tab that acted as a landing environment for yet-to-be-fans of your business, but all that is gone now! Instead, the default is the timeline. You can still create custom tabs, but there won’t be a default landing page.

I hope that is helpful for your business and we encourage you to keep on using Facebook as part of their social media strategy. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

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