Lee Group Charters – Keri Lee

If you have ever wanted to organise a luxury super yacht adventure like the ones you see on TV or in the movies like the James Bond film then this is the boat for you.

Packed with toys like jet ski’s, wakeboards, kayaks, scuba gear, dive instructors, fishing boat, your very own 5 star chef, 6 luxurious staterooms (yes staterooms not little cabins!), your very own DANCE FLOOR, your own private spa on top deck and your personal stewards this is definitely adventure boat for you or for any corporate event.

The Luxury yacht is a 138ft or roughly 43metres in length and about 9metres wide! Take a look at the website kerileecharters.com.au

If you are interested in a charter contact Melissa on[email protected]

PS. Stay on the look out for the new movie being released by Warner Brothers starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey

PPS. You may want to make sure you have a spare US$275,00 before you book…. But don’t let that throw you off take a look kerileecharters.com.au

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