Munching for Munchkins



The AWL & Munching for Munchkins’

The Animal Welfare League (AWL) is a Queensland based organisation who takes care of approximately 10,000 strayed and abandoned animals every year from areas in South East Queensland. They are a not for profit, donation run organisation who do not receive Government funding for their welfare work, and rely predominantly on the community for support. The AWL specialises in the care, shelter, and re-homing of cats and dogs.

What is Munching for Munchkins’?

Munching for Munchkins’ is a sausage sizzle and bake sale aimed to raise money for the sheltering of stray animals during their impound period. The AWL supplies re-homing for all animals that are unclaimed. Along with the re-homing of animals, the AWL aims to increase community awareness about the increasing tragedy of pet overpopulation. The goal is to bring an end to the euthanasia of healthy animals in Australia through legislative changes, education, awareness and re-homing.

Why support the AWL?

The direct costs involved in the re-homing of each animal are approximately $500.00, which does not include the cost of support staff who maintain the organisation. The AWL would like the financial support of the community to continue its welfare work in caring for the communities homeless animals.

Stay Tuned for the Next Event

Eightball Media are pleased to support the Munching for Munchkins’ event efforts and marketing. Stay tuned for the next AWL event near you and find out more about the AWL at


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