My Web Designer Closed Down, What do I do?

My Web Designer Closed Down, What do I do?

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While the digital marketing industry continues to push forward, it’s no secret that some agencies fall by the wayside.

But it’s their clients who can end up suffering the most. There’s the potential for projects to be left in hiatus. Continued website outages can cause a business to hemorrhage — unlike anything else!

Found yourself left high and dry? It’s time to dust yourself off and hitch a lifeline by switching to Eightball Media.

I need Help with my Website and Hosting

How can we help you

We make the process of your online marketing, design, branding, website management easier, specialising in design and technology on the web. Our difference is that we build websites that work with your business and make sure that your ideal customers come to you!

We have a specialised in-house team of nerds that write, design, code and review data to make strategic decisions for your business growth online too!

What we Offer

  • Our team are heavily geared up as a host of web services making us a trusted digital advisor. This allows us to help support websites through cloud hosting, website design, custom web development, across a range of platforms that include: WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Neto, G Suites, Google ads, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, copywriting, SEO, content creation and social media marketing.
  • Also offer ongoing Digital Marketing Consulting, Strategy for growing your reach online, Branding and more.
  • We have a specialised in house team of nerds that write, design, code and review data to make strategic decisions for your business growth online.

We’re not all the same

If you’ve ever been burnt by a relationship, be that professional, romantic or otherwise; it’s understandable that you may feel ‘twice bitten and once shy’. There is a tendency to group things all in one basket when you’re still smarting from an unfortunate experience. But this only means you might end up missing out. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Let’s talk about why you need digital marketing and web design services and how we’re not like the rest. Every once in a while you come across a digital agency that doesn’t outsource SEO and is made up of an entire suite of professionals who are specialists in their field. We’re pioneers of the multi-dimensional approach at Eightball Media.

We can help with your website, hosting and digital marketing (like your google ads).

Get Peace of Mind, chat to us today

The right people

We offer a full breadth of service. Instead of a graphic designer who does a little social media on the side, we have dedicated graphic designers. We have a team made up of skilled web designers, copywriters, social media marketers and more. Each person is an expert in their field. Beyond expertise, we hire our people based on culture fit.

Instead of turning to an outsourced provider (such as a freelance web designer) our team members consult each other and work in unison to produce the best results for all your website and marketing needs. Plus, we have custom web designers, so if you need a responsive web design or eCommerce web design, or just about anything else — we’ve got you covered.

As an excerpt from this Forbes magazine article explains:

“Probably the biggest factor most overlooked by clients is the background of the team that will work on their campaign. Clients should understand how the team is made up, how the different specialties work together, and how they understand success in the context of the client’s business.”

Meet our team

What does that mean for you?

We have been around since 2008, and building, managing and creating websites is our jam. Contact us today, we can also help support your Google Ads, SEO, Marketing Collateral Design and Hosting.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about what that means for you. One-stop assistance means that you don’t have to spread your digital requirements across a number of providers. Instead, it’s all taken care of; and you will benefit from a service delivery that is consistent. This is so important for your brand voice and corporate identity, especially in solidifying a positive presence in your customer’s minds. It means increased brand recognition, trust/loyalty and ultimately more conversions. Happy days!

This we will do for You!

Building a relationship with a holistic digital agency has its perks.

But what can we guarantee? We promise to make the transition as easy and seamless as possible. And to get you up and running and doing what you do best, with minimal fuss.

We have been around since 2008, and building, managing and creating websites is our jam. Contact us today, we can also help support your Google Ads, SEO, Marketing Collateral Design and Hosting.

This is what you can expect when you make the switch to Eightball Media:

  • We do an initial phone conversation to make sure we are both a good fit for business;
  • We will run an audit on your website to check for bugs and issues;
  • We’ll need to grab 3 things — Domain, Hosting and CMS* logins;
  • We will then port the website from its current location across to Eightball Media;
  • As an option, we can also give you a website review with recommendations, if needed;
  • Once hosting is set up — away we go!

Interested in making the switch?

Contact Us Make an Appointment

You’re in control

You may have noticed that some other digital agencies withhold the ‘keys to the castle’. That means they control your logins so you need to pay them to make additional changes to your website, even long after it’s been completed. If an agency closes down unexpectedly this can leave your business up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

We don’t do things this way at Eightball Media. After we have completed a final test of your website we will setup your website hosting and launch your website. If applicable, we can help to run your through a CMS training program so you can keep the info on your website up to date. An easy to use visual editor means that if you can use Microsoft Word, you’ll know how to edit our CMS. YES, you’ll be able to update content and information on the website entirely yourself and log-in anytime you like!

Make the switch to Eightball Media today

It’s hard enough to manage your daily business without having to worry about your website and marketing provider. Our jargon-free approach makes it easy to understand your options. Switch to Eightball Media Today! Call us on 07 3122 9888

Make the switch to Eightball Media today

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