Need an Office in Brisbane or Gold Coast?


If you are considering what type of office is best for your business needs take a moment to check out the concept of a serviced office or virtual office.

A Serviced Office

This option refers to a fully equipped office that is managed by a specialist facility management company.

A serviced office gives you the great advantage of being able to spend your time running your business while all of your office needs are taken care of. As well as a huge time saving, a serviced office can also provide you with cost savings, as the cost of certain services are shared amongst more than one business. As such, numerous useful office services you may not otherwise be able to budget for can be made available. Examples of shared services include:

  • Receptionists
  • Parking
  • Meeting Rooms

Whether you have 1 employee or 10+ you will find a solution just for you for Serviced Offices in Brisbane from Corporate House. The prime locations available include Gateway Office Park, Garden City Office Park or for A Gold Coast Serviced Office Varsity Lakes Offices.

A Virtual Office

Another office arrangement available that is becoming increasingly popular is a concept called a virtual office.

This option is ideal if you want a physical location associated with your business but without the cost of renting a commercial office. With this option you get many of the same benefits of a serviced office only you do not actually occupy an on-site office. You still have a receptionist to answer calls in your company name, parking, meeting room access and other benefits.

A virtual office makes it very affordable for your business to have access to a professional office location.

If you just want to use the address but not An address only virtual office where you gain the right to use the address of an office location. All of your mail corresponded is then forwarded to you as per your instructions. As such this can be a great solution for businesses that wish to maintain a presence interstate.

For a Virtual Office Brisbane or Virtual Offices Gold Coast contact the friendly team at Corporate House for more information.

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