New Brisbane Personal Training


Looking for quality personal training that will improve your fitness, make your body feel stronger or to learn self defense?

Eightball Media Website Design and Online Marketing would like to give a quick plug to Ironfist Muay Thai launching their new personal training programs in Brisbane.

Recieve personal training from fat burning and fitness specialist Wayne Martin at the Ironfist Muay Thai Kick Boxing Gym in Rochedale, Brisbane. The Ironfist Self Defense Gym has a range of kickbags & boxing facilities, weight & strength training equipment and a full size boxing ring.

New Personal Trainer at the Ironfist gym is Wayne who is a certificate 3 in sports coaching(martial arts).

“Personal Training will help boost you both mentally (confidence) and physically (fitness & strength) to be able to handle under pressure/under stress situation we come to experience from family, work and other factors that challenge us in life.”

Wayne has 7 yrs Muay Thai Boxing experience and 6 yrs Boxing (Queensbury) experience. Currently a professional competitor in the Australian Muay Thai circuit. Wayne currently holds the current ISKA welterweight and super welterweight queensland champion belt for Muay Thai; the current WMTA Super middleweight east coast champion and WMTA 4 man eliminator champion.

Sessions are available for women and children as well. Each session can be customised from the absolute beginner through to the novice fighter wanting to get an edge over their competitors.

Contact Wayne Martin on 0416 140 686

or visit: – Muay Thai Gym for more information

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