Prophecy Fight Centre Announces New Gym Opening


Prophecy Fight Centre is a Gold Coast based mixed martial arts centre that offers Muay Thai, boxing, grappling, personal training, strength training, fitness classes and corporate training for both men and women. With over 20 years put into planning and setting up the centre, Prophecy Fight Centre realised that an online presence is what they needed to promote themselves. Eightball Media,Prophecy_Screen_Shot a website design and marketing firm created the website based on criteria laid out by Prophecy over a 7 week period.

The website features a news rooms where upcoming promotions and current events can be viewed. The site also has a media centre that showcases images and videos of fighters, the training centre and couches. Facebook and twitter are also used to promote the centre, through uploading pictures, videos, wall posts and regular updates. The website’s layout includes a large flash banner equipped with a slideshow of images, top bar hyperlinks combined with black, red and small portions of white.

Eightball Media created their professional website equipped with social media plug-ins and journalist content written by a qualified copywriter. To drive traffic to their website, Prophecy invested in search engine optimisation provided by Eightball Media. The SEO package included search engine submissions (such as Google and yahoo), monthly articles, press releases, directory submissions, forum contributions and regular performance reports.

Prophecy Fight Centre is the Gold Coast’s own professional Mixed Martial Arts Gym and is the culmination of several years of planning from legendary promoter Paul Demicoli. His promotions include events such as Eruption Muay Thai, Next Generation Amateur Muay Thai & Fate MMA. Some of Australia’s & Thailand’s best coaches now teach out of the Prophecy Fight Centre. The centre offers classes to everyone young and old, and caters to all skill levels. The mixed martial art gym offers full time training from 5 true legends of combat sports who have obtained the highest of achievements.

The gym comes fully equipped with Kick Bags, a Boxing ring, a massage studio and a full size matted cage. Everyone from beginners to advanced are welcome to attend. If you are interested in learning self defence, looking to get fit or looking to compete professionally then visit Prophecy Fight Centre or call 0409 411 109. If you would like to enquire about a website, branding or internet marketing then call 07 3122 9888 or view our services.

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