Driven Business Edge May 2018

Driven Business Edge May 2018

Driven Business Edge May 2018

Be Web Ready for 2019

In this Webinar, Shen from Eightball Media delivered a presentation on What Makes a Good, Functional Website and 5 things you can do to improve your SEO. The content was for businesses who are planning to review their website for 2019 or looking for an edge in their digital marketing – and wanting to boost their Google rankings.

Prior to the presentation a couple of questions that were also asked and addressed included:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. It is difficult for me to do any of them well, what would be the preferred medium for my business?
  • Thinking about LinkedIn, how is the best way to use this channel, commenting on articles, posts, blogs?
  • Facebook: I understand that as a result of a change FB, my FB posts need to include a compelling image and a decent amount of content to achieve any sort of audience. Is my understanding correct and if so, how does this really attract time poor readers in my target market?
  • Domain Name: How important is a domain name? Should the domain name be very simple and give your target market an immediate indication of what you do?
  • Importance/Value of videos on website, digital media? Facebook live?

The slide deck attached has notes from the educational presentation.

We hope you enjoyed the presentation and for references/resources from the presentation please see the below links:

Introduction to What is SEO

The SEO Checklist

Tips for Writing Content for your website

Tips for a Functional Website

Setting Up Google My Business

Buyer Personas

What’s the Point of SEO

Beginners Guide to SEO

Tips for Writing on the Web

Google Speed Test

*All stats were taken from Google Buyer Moments Report 2016

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