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We design everything from websites and email templates to print media (newspapers, magazines etc). Plus, corporate branding, incorporating logos, business cards, letterheads, folders, brochures, print advertising, signage, car wraps, uniform graphics etc. You name it and our Graphic Designer probably has something to do with it!

Below are just some of the main formats we work on:

  • Logo/ Brand Development

    Whether you’re a start-up business or an established business looking for a mark that represents your business, we can assist you from conceptual logo idea to final proof. The core of every business and brand is a logo and we can get that right for you from the outset, or create a redesign to really freshen up your brand.

  • Corporate Indentity

    A visual identity is the overall look of your brand’s communications. This may include letterhead, compliment slip, business cards, email signatures and much more. Effective corporate identity is achieved by the consistent use of fonts, colors, and graphic elements.

  • Print Promotional Materials

    Designing for print is not always about how pretty things look. But, rather how functional. From choosing the right action colours that influence moods; to aligning the right level of detail on the page — there's a complex interplay of factors that goes into successful graphic design. You have many different variations in design to make it functional on paper.

  • Digital Promotions

    It's not just website images that are important for promotional effect. Copy text and creative design should match seamlessly. We create website banners, social media images, social media ads, newsletter template, EDM campaigns and other digital forms of promotions that hit-the-spot visually and look cohesive across all elements.

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It's All in the Planning

Whether it's logo concepts or wall prints for your shop. Or, even if it's uniforms for your staff and car signage. We will make a Style Guide to suit your needs, so you have a baseline for all your designs moving forward.

Graphic design is a problem-solving process. Design is used to make functions and technology into forms of visual communication that are creative, unique and intuitive. Through great design, we find innovative solutions. Our team have an eye for visual communication with knowledge in a range of fields such as communication, business and technology.

7 Steps to
Achieving A Successful Design

7 Steps to Having a Successful Design

When choosing a Graphic Designer you need to make sure you have come to the right place. Creating imagery that meshes with your company's modus operandi is crucial. The search for the individual or team who "just gets it" might seem like a time-consuming and daunting task. Not so with Eightball Media. We appreciate the gravity of graphics, so we take the time to get to know you and your business and you get your designs down pat.

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