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A website can be the first impression of your business. Whether it comes from a networking event, a billboard, Google Search or an Instagramtagram post, a website is the HQ of most marketing and branding exercises. Good Design and great web development are key to a solid outcome. Which means you can maintain and monitor your growth most effectively.

We pride ourselves in having a strong web development team. These web nerds that sit out back of the office can customise websites and help to reduce administration time. 3rd party applications such as POS, CRM, Automated Marketing, Email Software, Social Media feeds and much much more can all be integrated into your website or a central Content Management System. Allowing your business the ability to update and edit on the go yourself. We also offer consulting services for web training and digital marketing.

Our Web Developers take it one step further and work in a range of CMS platforms which allow you to better manage your website and marketing. This is core to our philosophy of trying to give capability back to our clients for basic tasks online so we can concentrate on the more complex and technical web development. Common CMS platforms we work with include WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Big Cartel, Shopify and more. Quick History note: Eightball originally started out developing on the Mambo CMS platform (by the old boys of the business). Mambo was one of the of the early CMS platforms (back in mid to late 2000’s) before the invention of WordPress and Joomla! With a constant thirst for learning and adopting new technologies (driven from the top), our team is constantly improving. Our aim is to always deliver each business a successful Website Strategy better than their competition.

For Websites Big or Small – Eightball is the team you should call: 07 3122 9888 (really just pick up the phone)

  • Informative Website

    A one-page website or a 20+ page website with all the bells and whistles. Commonly referred to as Brochure websites in the past. Now, these are Online Advertising Tools for lead generation, brand awareness, tools for administration and so on. Easily updatable and built for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop (Responsive).

  • E-Learning System

    Eightball can review your training programs and assists in planning your online learning management system. E-learning (LMS) applications and processes include Web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classroom opportunities and digital collaboration.

  • Online Shop

    We build e-commerce solutions from Online Stores, to Photo Ordering systems, multi-tier Car Parts ordering systems to integrated Magento Systems running 3rd party ERP platforms. Whether you have an established e-commerce website or are starting out, our team of designers and developers have the technical know-how and creativity to make your online store stand out from the rest.

  • Subscription Portal
    Subscription & Intranet

    Bring your organisation up to speed. Have teams login off their phones or notepads. They can participate in discussions, new product updates, pricing updates, company news. Works for multi-location businesses, or suppliers to wholesalers. Keep updated with one central password-protected internal website. We can create multiple tier of login access to allow visitors to have different levels of membership and access to information.

A Successful Website.
Is When we Understand your Business

We deliver you a high impact website while keeping fast loading time, ease of navigation, relevance of information & simplicity.

At Eightball we start with a 'Website Requirements and Planning session' ( or Wrap Session for short). In order to understand your business requirements and who is going to manage your website, our 90min workshop will help us understand what is most important to your business and discover opportunities that you might not be aware of. The Wrap session may include reviewing competitors, a mobile website strategy, how enquiries are stored online, SEO and Google Rank, what images to use, content, past and present advertising material and what might need to be created for you online, and most importantly for our team to have a solid understanding of your products and services.

Our technical and creative teams aim at delivering the right web content to the right target audience. As part of our initial website planning, we encourage our customers to work with us to develop buyer personas. A Buyer Persona is a checklist created to understand your ideal target clients.

With over 90% of Australias now using the internet to research products or services before purchase, it's now a sub-conscious habit for many of your new and existing prospects. Understanding how this will work in your favour online will deliver you a high impact website while keeping important fundamentals such as fast loading times, ease of navigation, the relevance of information and simplicity.

We take all the information and make it - Simple. Really Simple. So you can focus on doing what you do best in your business and let the WebXperts do what we do best.

7 Steps to
Having a Successful Website

7 Steps to having a Successful Website

Our Website Planning Process allows you to explore the many different options of utilising a website for your business. The benefits of a well made website to your business can include boosts in sales, easier payment channels and administration, increased brand promotion, as well as fast communication with your clients and business associates.

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