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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is using online Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In & Youtube to interact with your customers and build your brand recognition and reputation.


How Big is Social Media?
Social Media is huge, it’s massive, it’s enormous…

…and its not going away, its not a fad or a trend, but you already knew that. Unfortunately, just knowing that doesn’t bring in new business.


Social_NetworkIs Social Media Right for Your Business?
The short answer is Yes & No.

The long answer is too long to get started on now but that is why we have a FREE consultation session.

If you are planning on engaging in Social Media for your business, you need to have a strategy.

Social Media can be very effective as part of any online marketing strategy but you have to be “social”. And no we are not asking you to post up what you just did in the toilet or to tell people you just had a shower… Social Media Marketing needs to be done properly. The great news is that getting involved from a business point of view can be a lot easier than you think. You now have the opportunity to communicate with more of your customers directly and get to know them better while they of course get to know you better too


How Can Your Business Utilise Social Media?
There are hundreds of Social Media Channels online.

Facebook and Twitter are the two most commonly talked about channels in the media. Then, there are Social Media channels designed just for business networking such as Linkedin and Foursquare. Plus there are industry specific social media channels such as restaurant review websites, blogging, online forums and much more.


All of these social media outlets give you a chance to expose your brand, products and services in a positive manner and interact in a relaxed environment with your customers and potential customers. The trick to success with social media is knowing exactly which channels to use and how to use them effectively for your business type. That’s where Eightball Media will help you.


So Let’s Get Started...

Jerusha-SMHave a chat with a social media expert at Eightball Media.

We will help you start building your social media presence with methods that are proven to be effective.

The time and budget you are willing to commit is up to you. You have options ranging from a complete management service through to assistance with strategy and maintenance. Start increasing the online profile of your business, brand and products now!


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