What sort of results does your website get you?


Recently talking with one of our clients Ironfist Muay Thai in Brisbane. Senior Instructor and owner of Ironfist Muay Thai Self Defense, Daniel Bell.

“Since getting our website through Eightball Media, we are getting an average of 20 enquiries every week. We receive emails every day from people enquiring about training at the gym. This increase in business and enquiries has given us the opportunity to expand our organisation through the upgrade of equipment to commercial grade gym equipment and the increase in members has enabled us to further promote our real family friendly atmosphere.

When people search “Muay Thai Brisbane” or “Brisbane Muay Thai” in search engines such as Google, they always see our website popping up as number one. What’s more is that people are always commenting on the user-friendliness and the creative design of our website.

The team at Eightball Media have done a great job and have made a big difference to our business. I have a high regard for Eightball Media and their work and would recommend Eightball Media to any business.”

Visit: www.ironfist.com.au if you’re interesting in learning the art of Muay Thai in Brisbane.

For your free complimentary 60 minute website planning and strategy session with an Eightball Media consultant please call: 07 3122 9888 or send us an email. Your business will be glad you did.

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