Can Money Really Buy You Happiness?


These days, money seems to be a more influential effect on how it affects your level of happiness. It can either bring you happiness and in some rare cases, love, or it can lead you to being devastated or traumatised.Needless to say, it is evident that there is a direct connection with the major life events that are occuring in one’s life at that present point.

Let’s take divorce for example. Divorce Settlements can be quite costly and it has shown that it affects men more than it affects women.

Recent studies done by Professor Frijters from Queensland University of Technology has shown that when it comes to divorce, the level of devastation an Australian male felt is equivalent to if he has lost $110,000. The Australian women on the other hand, would only feel as though she had lost $9000.

Professor Frijters comments, ”Losing or gaining money can offset the effect of other life events quite well, and that is what we are formally looking at – the amount needed to offset an event or keep someone happiness-neutral”.

It is always better to seek professional legal advice when it comes to divorce settlements to alleviate the stress and pressure involved by being provided a direction and approach from the beginning as well as after the settlement completion.

There are a number of family law firms in Australia that can assist during the stressful and traumatic times of divorce. Family LawCare Solicitors and Advocates in Moorooka, provide expert Family and Divorce lawyers in Brisbane who can help in providing Financial Agreements between Married and De Facto couples.

So does money really bring you happiness or sadness or is it the events that occur affects how you feel? It is a question that will always be inconclusive because there are so many different opinions.

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