GTM Financial Celebrates 10 Years of Quality Advice


gtm-logoAlthough commencing to provide advice to private clients in mid 2000, GTM Financial was born at the start of 2001. Initially operating under the Dealership Licence of AW Financial before moving to the Matrix Dealer group in 2003. Matrix also recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary.

Commencing with around 6 or 7 clients, GTM Financial is proud that it has grown one client at a time. We have been able to maintain our customer service ethic, care and consideration, whilst insuring our integrity is maintained. Service with understanding and integrity has been our internal motto and to treat our clients how we would like to be treated. Sounds simple but in my experience it is something society seems to be forgetting lately.

Although the time is approaching soon that we may look for opportunities to expand the business, we remain committed to these simple principles.

gavinSome things have changed…

We have operated out of offices at Browns Plains and Beenleigh before moving to our current location at Parkinson. In 2004, our ‘financial freedom system’, was rebuilt and renamed Prospera.

A joint venture company was established in 2006, with Ace IRM General Insurance Group aimed at providing financial advice and service to Ace IRM’s group growing client base.

And some things remain the same…

For one, we remain committed to providing clients with quality advice based on their needs and objectives. We also remain committed to building our business through education, exhaustive research and service rather than mass target marketing and inferior product. We see our role as financial advisers being to support our clients in achieving their financial goals and protecting their financial position along the way. We believe in keeping simple whilst providing quality advice.

From the beginning, we have sought to provide holistic advice, develop solutions and services that offer clients leading edge solutions. A lot of what we do is behind the scenes, supporting our clients with leading edge product research, investment information and professional development.

It is interesting to be celebrating our 10th anniversary in the time of the GFC (the Global Financial Crisis, which now gets its own acronym, complete with capital letters). But, while we are concerned about the savageness of market adjustments and the impact on clients, we remain positive about long term investing and the prospects for our clients.

What changes have we noticed in our clients?

Over the last 10 years, we have definitely noticed that clients are more interested in strategic advice on how we can help them reach their lifetime goals, rather than just placing a rollover or insurance for them.

10yrsFor example, just a few of the things that GTM Financial with the assistance of Matrix are now helping clients with are:

  • putting a plan in place to restructure debt and pay off the mortgage quicker
  • planning transition to retirement by making greater salary sacrifice contributions to improve income in retirement
  • cash flow management and budgeting strategies for clients ranging from first job seekers through to retirees
  • self managed superannuation funds
  • ongoing monitoring to help clients stay on track with their expenses

We are also finding clients need increasingly sophisticated life insurance advice to combat rising levels of stress related illness and other issues.


What do we see in the next 10 years?

At GTM Financial, we are excited about the future. Having reached our 10th anniversary and established ourselves as a solid, successful business based on a model of quality advice, we are confident that the future is bright.

To make a few predictions, we think:

  • the world of the future will benefit from the long term improvements in corporate and banking regulation as well as government infrastructure spending brought about by the GFC
  • markets will return to rational behaviour (although we can’t predict just when)
  • fund managers will become more transparent in their processes and will offer their skills under different investment structures
  • clients will increasingly benefit from ongoing strategic advice from their financial adviser.

We look forward to an exciting 12 month and an even brighter 10 years ahead.

matrixWhen it comes to your wealth – Don’t just wish you had more Let GTM help you make it happen. Reasons YOU will be happier for using GTM Financial:

  • Experienced, holistic Financial Advice
  • Comprehensive Range of Financial & Insurance Services
  • Friendly & Professional Team of Staff
  • Most Importantly – GTM help you achieve your financial goals!

Let GTM help your financial dreams become a reality. Regardless of your financial position now, GTM can help you grow towards the financial position you want.

See how with the team at GTM we can design a happy and secure financial future for you and your family. Contact GTM today!

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