Developing The Entrepreneur In You


Entrepreneurs are those who strive within their enterprise for growth and innovation, and do not want to be small for long. Most of us can become an entrepreneur given the right tools and environment. Here we will look at some common characteristics and ways to develop them within you.

Entrepreneurs come in all ages, shapes, size and backgrounds and are usually:

  • Visionary
  • Driven, self motivated and action oriented
  • Adaptable to change and love a challenge
  • Persistent & consistent
  • Willing to take calculated risks
  • Solution focused, creative and innovative
  • In control, like to direct and also coachable
  • Open to opportunities and growth
  • Quick at decision making

Do you already have some of these characteristics?

Some points to help develop the entrepreneur in you…

YOUR VISION – What do you want to create, share, give and experience? When you know this it will help keep you focused, stimulated and motivated. Now ask yourself why you want it, what benefit is it going to give you, and how will attaining it make you feel? When you have a strong enough ‘why’ behind your vision, the ‘how’ becomes easier and more obvious.

YOU Entrepreneurs are present and future oriented, always asking ‘how can I?’ and rarely saying ‘I can’t’. They use the past as a teacher, learning from it and moving forward. The key is to become self-educated. Read, watch or listen to anything that can develop your communication skills, business skills, time management skills, leadership skills, finance skills and encourage your creativity.

Implement what you have learned, take action and be persistent and consistent to keep the momentum going. It really does help with your confidence and your ability to step out of your comfort zone so you can see and grasp opportunities. You are then more likely to become solution oriented rather than problem focused. Ask yourself daily ‘is what I am presently doing bringing me closer to or further away from my vision?’

OTHERS – Entrepreneurs know that asking for help is a sign of strength, and as such have some sort of coach, mentor or advisor. Find someone who will brainstorm with you, support, challenge and encourage you. Make sure the people you spend most of your time with are positive, proactive and uplifting. Also, ask others about their successes and failures, as this can help you learn faster.

The key to becoming more entrepreneurial encompasses having a vision; stepping out of your comfort zone and taking action; educating yourself; being persistent, and practicing and refining your skills. Remember, Entrepreneurs keep going long after most people give up, that is what makes them successful.

All the best and may you develop the entrepreneur in you!


Nicole Murray
TV and Web Presenter, Former Corporate Business Development Coach

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