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Lanai Carter from Enhance Hypnosis reveals more about hypnosis. Read more to discover how it could change your life with a special offer to all our Eightball Media newsletter readers!

Hypnosis is a scientifically verified technique to accelerate desired change and an excellent way to overcome self defeating habits.

Many individuals do not realize the power of the mind body connection. There is now scientific evidence that your mental processes, mental states and mental behaviors effect all of the cells in your body all the time. That means our thoughts can have a large impact on our health and also our ability to overcome tension, stress, anxiety and bad habits.

With perfect precision our unconscious mind keeps our heart beating, blood circulating, digestive system working and lymph system operating, automatically managing sensations and body functions without us having to think about it.

Enhance Hypnosis is a business which specializes in aspects of Hypnotherapy to overcome self defeating habits such as smoking, overeating, food addictions, obesity, bedwetting, nailbiting, lack of motivation to excercise and stress and anxiety relief and is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, recognized globally. Enhance Hypnosis guarantees results for those who fully complete their program.

Lanai, the owner of Enhance Hypnosis, discovered the effectiveness of hypnotherapy after suffering debilitating back pain from a prolapsed disc. She was amazed with the effectiveness of hypnotherapy and became determined to work with people to help them harness the often untapped power of their subconscious mind.

There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone overcome a 50 cigarette a day habit, a long term drug addiction that is costing someone their relationships, as well as financially and emotionally and helping people rid any self defeating habits.

Stress and anxiety is increasing and more people are turning to natural alternatives to assist them with their challenges, Enhance Hypnosis can assist people in being able to manage their stress and anxiety through excercises that they can use even when they have left a session. Enhance Hypnosis offers corporate or group relaxation sessions for groups of up to 10 staff. These sessions guarantee to increase focus and efficiency on the job, reduce stress, workplace conflict and reduce occurrence of sick leave.

Enhance hypnosis is offering 8 Ball media newsletter readers a 20% discount off all advertised hypnotherapy services if they book before the end of November 2009. Please quote 8 Ball when making your booking.
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