Re-Activating Your Customers

As the holiday season is approaching and a new year is looming, it’s a good opportunity to take a step back and review your customer database and how often you connect with them.

For many Australian businesses the first month of the new year is a lull and quiet month. This applies to online retailers as well as service businesses. One way to get through the January lull is with a reactivation campaign – a technique used by marketers to get in touch with individuals who have previously expressed interest or engaged with the company. The most common method is email marketing. The goal being to re-engage these individuals to become an active customer.

So, what are the steps to start the reactivation campaign?


  • Review your analytics data. Insights as to what pages your customers are visiting is fundamental to finding out what information or services they’re interested in most. If it’s an online shop – you can look into browsing activity and purchase history.
  • Segment your target market. Your business may attract a large and varied demographic. Ensure that the content of your email appeals to the unique set of readers.
  • Let people opt-out and/or update their preferences. Removing inactive subscribers will help increase your click through rates. Don’t be scared to send out an email with opt-out options. However, if they still want to opt-in you should reward them. It could be as simple as a follow-up email with a “thank you” message.


  • Ask for feedback & reviews. Send through a survey to check whether your customer is satisfied with the product or service they’ve received. Perhaps even offer them an incentive for completing the form. Honest feedback could go towards greater improvement in the future. Remember to keep your surveys short and interesting.
  • Create educational and interesting content. Why did they engage with your company in the first place? Send them relevant information that would be valuable.
  • Have eye-catching subject lines. Ensure your email has a memorable and creative subject line to create engagement. The “We Miss You” subject line has been successful for reactivating your customer. Rewards & incentives are also great to get customers to click-through and read your emails.
  • Send shorter emails. A series of shorter emails have a better success rate than just one email.
  • Send emails regularly. Whether it’s every fortnight, every month or quarterly. Make sure that you send out your branded email consistent. In addition to that reference prior interactions. This reminds your customers that you’re still around and care about them.

If your business currently is not sending out emails to your customers or is not using an email management software it’s never too late to start. There are many to choose from out there such as Infusionsoft, Shortcuts, or Zoho. We highly recommend MailChimp to most of our clients. We can even help you setup and customise your newsletter templates.

We hope you’ve find this article helpful and if you like to read some more information on it the sources are listed below.

Have a good rest of the year and we hope that we’ll be in touch soon.


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