Featured Snippet: Make Your Website Stand Out

As the name suggests, a Featured Snippet shows relevant content that answers the query without having to click-through to the article’s page – it gets featured as the answer to a common query. Featured Snippets are extra bits of text that appear near the top of some search result pages. It commonly gets displayed in a box when a question-based search is entered.

Unlike paid advertising, you can not pay for your listing to have this position. Google determines whether your page has relevant information that people will find interesting.

People are more likely to click on search results in Google that are featured whether that means it has an image, additional call to actions or highlighted in a box. Of course to set your website apart from the competition and increase click-through rates and page rank Search Engine Optimisation is crucial. It’s important to create content that visitors will find useful and will share.

We’ve been creating some handy content for those interested in Brisbane’s 4WD tracks on Fleet Crew’s website. It has received so many clicks that Google has picked it to be a rich snippet on their search results page for “4WD Brisbane Tracks”. The Featured Snippet box is displayed on the top before other search results and the information shown has been pulled from one of Fleet Crew’s articles.

Featured Snippet

Since the article was well received and it has been chosen as a Featured Snippet the click through rate to the website has increased. It was published back in January 2016. Since then that article accounts for 31.8% of total traffic of the website. 123 quote enquiries have been received from it.

People may not necessarily think of Fleet Crew to hire their 4WD, but since the Featured Snippet took them to an article on Fleet Crew’s website – it gives exposure to the readers and becomes a convenience for the visitors to get a quote.

So if you’re interested in increasing brand or product awareness as well as build credibility – Search Engine Optimisation is a good option. Featured Snippet is one outcome from having good SEO.

If you’re wanting to see if your article can be in the Featured Snippet block write articles that are relevant and answers questions to your customer’s needs and queries. Find out which questions your target audience is asking. Google extracts related information from a page from your website, so be prepared to give logical answers. Ensure that the search terms appear in the article’s headings (h1, h2, h3 etc). The content you want to appear in the snippet should be placed in paragraph tags and be about 54-58 words long.

If you want to learn more about Search Engine Optimisation or Featured Snippets send us an email or give us a call. Our SEO specialists have been writing many successful articles and will assist you in creating great content.


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