CouplerTec Introduces New Product



CouplerTec is an electronic rustproofing company that offers installation, service and warranty. The product is a small piece of technology, which is connected to a vehicle, machinery or static structure to prevent rust. CouplerTec is a well established company that have sold over half a million units, and decided to open an online shop to further boost sales of their rustproofing technology. Eightball Media is an internet marketing and website company who created the website based on a functional shopping cart that allows users to browse and select products.CouplerTec_Screen_Shot

The website features an online shop (shopping cart, check out and display system), useful links page, client testimonials page and a professional media gallery equipped with a portfolio, projects, client photos and video demonstrations. Eightball Media created the website, design, media gallery, and a fully integrated shopping cart after approximately 8 weeks of testing.

The website utilises a lot of images and videos to promote their professionalism combined with a colour scheme of blue, yellow, white and shades of black. To drive traffic to the website CouplerTec invested in Eightball’s search engine optimisation package which included Google Adwords, keywords, website content writing, copywriting and ongoing support. The total website package includes monthly articles, press releases, directory submissions, forum contributions and regular performance reports.

CouplerTec is an Australian owned and operated company who proudly manufactured their products in Australia using the latest digital technology from around the World. CouplerTec’s Research and Development department consists of a team of electronic engineers that have over 25 years experience in the field of designing Analogue and Digital power management systems and micro computer control systems. The team of engineers constantly looks at ways of enhancing CouplerTec’s patented rust prevention technology and are constantly evaluating the latest advancements in computerised technologies for incorporation into CouplerTec’s systems.

If you would like rust protection for your vehicle (car, 4WD, motorcycle or truck), machinery, shed or any static structure then call 1800 068 088 or check out the online shop at CouplerTec. If you would like to enquire about a website, branding or internet marketing then call 07 3122 9888 or view our portfolio.


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