Creating your own Search Engine


Google has many features which allow you to monitor your website and generate online advertising using their Google Adwords Marketing. But did you know you can create your own Search Engine through Google for your website?

This is a great feature as you can have google index each page in your website. The benefits of Googles Search Engine is that its algorithm can be set to be used in your website alone. So if you have alot of new pages being released each week or month, Google gives you the opportunity to place their search engine box in your website “totally free”.

Even better, if you have a requirement that your homepage loads up first (perhaps running an intranet system or your home page is set by default for some reason or another) you can create a Google custom search box. Below is an example of an 8ball Media Search Engine sponsored by Google.

You can find out more about customising your own search engine for your website here:

The great thing about Google Custom Search Engine is that you can customise it for selected topics; you can remove advertising; you can even choose to only display blogs… what ever tickles your fancy online.



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