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5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Website Ranking Strong!

New websites pop up all the time and the majority of them get very few visitors.

That’s because most people, when searching a particular term, will never go past the first few pages of results. The reason is that we generally already find what we are looking for in the first handful of results or we simply lose interest.

When using a search engine, such as Google, the results can be endless and only those websites with good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will be shown first.

Here are five tips for your website SEO:

1. Titles and Headings

Each page should have a new heading relevant to the topic of that page. A bathroom supplier might have a page just for sinks and taps, so that customers can be directly linked to that page. Every image should have a relevant title too. For example a bathroom sink should be labelled ‘bathroom sink’ and not ‘image0082.jpeg’. Images can also be labelled with a descriptive title that includes company information when appropriate.

2. Content and Keywords (Write for your Customers)

Put a unique description on each page of the website that summarises what the page is about. Do not overly use text and do not copy/paste the same content on each page. Choose keywords that customers are likely to search and write them into your content. No need to force them in, just mention them when it’s appropriate. Heavily repeating keywords or placing them out of context can actually see your ranking punished by the search engines.

3. Contributing Content to Other Websites can help Too

A ranking factor that the search engines use is how other websites reference your website. Include keywords in links coming from other websites that point to your website, whether from forums, directory listing or articles. Also, remember that links to your website don’t always have to point to your home page so point links directly to the most relevant area on your website.

4. Tips and Tricks to Stay Fresh

Keep on the ball – be on the look out for better and new keywords, such as the Google Keyword Tool. Make sure you regularly update your content and images, as new content will attract visitors and encourage the search engines to update your site in their index regularly too. If you’re content is interesting then your website will be revisited and word will spread. Any advertisements and links should be relevant to your site and you shouldn’t link to untrustworthy pages or have dishonest content. You wouldn’t want to visit a website filled with moving links and ads or one that provides false information.

5. Get Some Expert Advice

If you want some help with your SEO Website development companies can not only review the content and structure of your website for SEO value, but will also help with the layout, design and important images to convert visitors to your website into customers. Companies that specialise only in SEO may not be familiar with other important aspects of your website for user friendliness. Key services that website development companies offer are: website reviews, hosting, content, keywords and statistics, training for SEO and experience from dealing with various companies.

In summary, there are plenty of things you can do yourself to help with your ranking. Creating your own blogs, articles, press releases, directory listings and advertisements are a great way to drive traffic to your website. Remember though, a company with SEO skills and good website design knowledge is the secret to converting those views into leads.

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