Magento Audit

Doing a Magento Store audit will show what’s working and what isn’t working. The health of the store is checked to make sure that things are running smoothly and maintained well.

Running an online store is hard work. You don’t want to worry that your store isn’t working or not running at top performance.

Magento sites are complicated and there are hundreds of points to consider when doing a check-up of how well a store is built. A detailed list of checkpoints is used to assess what could be done to improve site functionality and warn of any current or potential problems.

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The Magento Audit

Web Page Optimisation and Load Time

Web Page Optimisation and Load Time

Load times heavily influence Google ranking and checking that the site has been optimised to run quickly.

Cache Optimisation

Magento stores have a large scope for optimisation of caches and settings. Checking that they are running properly and cleaning unnecessary files is important to keep your web server from being bogged down.

Code Optimisation

Clean code can eliminate inefficiencies and save shoppers from waiting to make their purchase.

Server Optimisation

The server that hosts the site needs to be carefully tweaked for the store and not just any server can run a Magneto site well.

Your Data Security

Your Data Security

Security is a hugely important part of transacting online. Customer information and financial data have to be protected and to do that the website has to be highly secure.

File Permissions

Have file permissions been set adequately? Often when building/editing a site the file permissions are changed to allow access and then forgotten.

Up to date Plugins

The plugins installed on the site also carry maintenance requirements. They have to be compatible with the current Magento version and need to be kept up to date and secure. Sometimes a plugin is no longer supported and needs to be replaced with a different one. Out of date plugins could also create vulnerabilities for the website to be hacked.


Has Magento been patched against common vulnerabilities? An unsecured online store could be like a ticking time bomb for a business. A hacker could break in and quietly collect credit card details and personal information for years before being noticed.

Purchasing Process

Purchasing Process

For a shopper, the checkout is vital to making a purchase. It needs to be a smooth and painless process to make a purchase from an online store. Quite often it isn’t and store owners haven’t spent much time making purchases form their own store. Doing a thorough audit will uncover the best practices for making the store a pleasant place to transact.

SEO & Ranking

SEO & Ranking

Ranking in Google can easily fall from making a few simple Magento mistakes. Every aspect of the site is looked at by Google to decide how to rank it. Magento by default needs several key aspects adjusted to make the site have a much higher chance of getting top rankings.

After working with Magento and online stores for many years Eightball knows what works and what doesn’t. Years of experience have seen success and failures. The hard-earned knowledge Eightball has gathered can be applied in a unique way through an organised process for checking up on Magento sites. What’s important and what’s not can be highlighted and explained by Eightball.

Ready for an audit?

All that’s required to do a Magento audit is a working login to your site and access to the website hosting. We’ll take care of the rest and get back to you with a detailed report.

Magento Audit Report

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