5 valueable tips for choosing the right domain name for your business



Having a domain name (website address) that is easily promoted, referred and remembered can be critical to the success of your website generating more profit for your business. Here are 5 valuable considerations for choosing the best domain name/s for your business:

1. Protect your business name
Securing your full business name as a domain name for your company is a great place to start when creating an online presence. Having your business name doubling as your website name also signals to visitors to your site that they are on the official website for your business. It is also the most likely ‘guess’ for a potential customer that may want to check you out on the Internet but is not sure of your website address.

2. A Domain name for your product or service
Having your business name covered is certainly important. It can definitely be worth considering covering your product or service name as well. This can be especially true if you have a well-known product or service name that customers refer to. For example, Arnott’s the well-known biscuit maker has www.timtam.com in addition to their main website.

3. Shorter is often sweeter
A shortened domain name can be easier for your customers to remember and can help them spread your website address by word of mouth. It is also less likely to be incorrectly typed and also can be easier to promote via traditional advertising resources such as a flyer, billboard or radio advertisement. A great example for this is how the television show ‘Thank God You’re Here’ has its website promoted by Channel Ten.

4. Integrating Industry keywords
Integrating industry keywords relating to your product or service can be particularly beneficial in making your website easier to find online. Without going into too much detail, many search engines will elevate your website in listings for ‘searched’ words when your domain name contains those words. As such, having a domain name containing common search words for your industry can be helpful in climbing up the rankings on the search engines. Start by researching the most common words and terms that are being entered into search engines by customers chasing a product or service in your industry. Once you have identified a likely search term you could try to get that term as a domain name on its own (if available), or even in conjunction with your company name such as the cheese maker Bega did with their website www.begacheese.com.au

5. Ending your domain name in dot what?
If you are a local merchant or service than a domain name ending in (.com.au) or (.net.au) can definitely be more effective than a generic (.com).  This is because visitors will quickly identify you as an Australian service and be reassured that they are dealing with a registered Australian business. The shortened (.com) or (.net) can sometimes be interpreted by visitors to be an international website which can be good or bad depending on your situation. The best ending to your domain name really depends on how your company is set up, where its market is located and the goals you want to achieve from your website.

So there you have a few considerations for choosing the right domain name/s for your business. Keep in mind, it is unreasonable to try and cover all your bases as it would most likely require you to register dozens of domain names for your business and the idea of these tips was not to suggest that you race out and do that. However, it is important to recognize that doing some research on the most effective keywords and domain name/s for your business can definitely lead to greater traffic, success and profitability from your website.

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