Graphic Design

First Impressions Count.
Remember the Old Adage “Presentation is Everything”?

Eightball Media’s Graphic Design includes everything from design for Websites & Email Templates to Print Media (Newspaper, magazines etc) & Corporate Branding.  Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads, Folders, Brochures, Print Advertising, Signage, Car Wraps, Uniform Graphics… You name it and a Graphic Designer probably had something to do with it!divider-halfcontent

Graphic Design


Your Brand is Your Business’ Personality. Its more than just a logo – it’s an entire package that serves as your first impression to any potential client.

Without quality & consistent branding any business will lack from distinction in the crowd. Ever wanted to be the loudest person in the room? Good creative branding can do that for your business


What is the value of your brand?
Coca-Cola isn’t worth billions of dollars because of their cheap cola.

…It’s because of their brand. While you may not plan on being the next Coca-Cola you can still ensure the value of your business starts growing today with creative and consistent branding.

That means being able to look at your logo, business card, email signature,and pretty much anything that has your business name on it and immediately being able to relate that item to your business.



Logo Design & Corporate Branding
Where Consistency is the Key Stone

When choosing a graphic designer you need to make sure you have come to the right shop. Creating the right image to fit in with your company can be a time consuming and scary idea. We have the know how to help you cover all the important bases.

 From Logo Concepts, wall prints for your shop through to uniforms and car signage. We willl make a Style Guide to suit your needs.

  •   Logo Design (from Conceptual through to Final Proof

  •   Stationery, Printed advertising & Style Guides

  •   Uniform Design

  •   Hats, Caps, Car Wraps and Pull Up Banners

  •   Posters, Box Designs and even funky stuff for umbrellas


Designing for Print
Bringing Design into Physical Form

Designing for print usually refers to Magazines, Newspaper, Billboards and all offline media (what we call traditional media). Designing for print is not always about how pretty but rather how functional. Just like the web images, copy text and creative are all important.

From choosing the right action colours that effect peoples moods to aligning the right level of detail on the page. You have many different variations in design to make it functional on paper.

  •   Newspaper Adverts

  •   Editorials

  •   Promotional Paper media

  •   Billboard Adverts

  •   Yellow Pages/Whitepages

  •   Magazines, Books and Signage

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