6 Effective Email Marketing Tips


There are many methods you can use to creating an effective email campaign. They can be used for promotional materials, weekly specials, newsletters, community news, social club news and more.

glassesHere is a quick spiel about Email Marketing, “it is an effective method of sharing news, information and most importantly building a relationship with your customers and those interested in your industry. Email marketing is NOT spam. Spam is illegal and will only see you lose respect with potential customers and tarnish the image of your company. Generally when you are sending an email marketing campaign or e-Newsletter (as it is popularly phrased as) you have a dedicated list of people who have subscribed or have given you permission to send them information.”

Email Marketing can lead to great returns for minimal advertising costs.

So how can you effectively build your relationship with your customers through successful email marketing? Here are a few email marketing tips that can help:

1.    Address your recipients by name. It makes the email more personal. Greeting them as an individual rather than just a number.
2.    Draw your customers in. Move the boring stuff down the page, and tell people about your best offer first.
3.    Keep your branding or design the same. People need to recognise your emails straight away. They won’t take the time to find out who you are. TIP: try to match your corporate branding with your website, people will often visually recognise you sooner.
4.    Motivate People to Sign Up for Your Newsletter with a special offer (discounts). Or offer FREE information (Specific information that is in your area of expertise) can improve the sign up rate for your newsletter significantly.
5.    Keep people updated with the latest news across the industry.Consolidating news provides a useful service to your subscribers, and it shows your expertise in the field. It gives people the luxury of saving time (and time is money!)
6.    Send Newsletters regularly, at least quarterly (or once a month or every bi-monthly is even better! But be consistent and give good value information. People will begin to loose interest if your just trying to sell to them). TIP: Sending less often may result in your subscribers forgetting about you. This will lower the chances of them looking at your email.

Hopefully these 6 tips will help you build your emailing lists and your relationship with your subscribers. Successful Email marketing helps build your customer base and their loyalty to your company and it is an essential part of any good marketing strategy.

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