Breakfast Seminar 24 March 2010

Breakfast Seminar 24 March 2010

FORGET your IQ – Expand your PQ!

Catch Blackburn will have you laughing and learning about yourself, your friends & family, and MOST importantly your TEAM and your CUSTOMERS at this entertaining presentation.

In this fun, interactive workshop you will learn how to:

1. Understand People and their behaviour patterns

2. Build Massive Rapport and Trust in seconds

3. Expand your leadership skills to empower your team

4. increase productivity

5. Use 21st Century Communication tools to increase your sales!

About Catch Blackburn

Catch has been involved in Personal Development for over 8 years and have been developing successful, high performing sales teams for more than 5.

He has been a high performing Business Guru since joining the Professional team at the NCB since Mid 2007, chatting with over 3000 business owners.

Extensive sales coaching, specialising in communication and body language.


24 March 2010 | 7.00am ~ 8.30am

Learn skills from talented speakers and

make productive business connections.

AMEC | 6/3 Zamia Street, Sunnybank

Upstairs from Cafe Camilla . Parking available.

$20 per person*

(Seminar & includes breakfast)

22 March, 2010
Call Emily 07 3122 9888

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