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IncodeIncode is a structural and forensic engineering company that specialise in structural engineering, project management, building design and investigation and causation. Incode was established in 1968 and is a well-developed brand, but felt they would benefit from having an online presence to boost awareness amongst new competitors and to be noticed by later generations. Eightball Media, a website and online marketing company created their online presence though a 2 month campaign and testing process.

The website features an online booking system, a professional media gallery and a news page that showcases their latest activities. Eightball Media created their website, design and media centre. The layout utilises a large background image and large banner images that showcase their workmanship. To drive traffic to their website a search engine marketing campaign was implemented. This encompassed search engine submissions (such as Google and yahoo), press releases, articles, directory listing, performance reports, newsletters and email blast outs.

Incode offers, building and design for the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Throughout Incode’s growth, the company has maintained their commitment to providing exceptional customer service, quality, integrity and timely reporting. Most importantly, Incode pride themselves on delivering their clients quality services at an affordable price. Incode Pty Ltd offers comprehensive forensic engineering investigations, scientific expert consultations, engineering consulting and design services and project and construction engineering management services.

Incode has been providing expert services for thousands of case and claim assignments. Incode comprises a team of experts from different sections of the engineering industry, which allows them to offer complete project management and cater to all client needs rather then outsourcing and referring.

Incode ensures that only the most appropriate materials and construction methods are used to reduce customer costs and maintain quality standards. This ensures that economical building services can be offered, without compromising on quality. The company also has years of experience in claims handling for insurers, property managers, risk managers, builders and homeowners. Incode offers subrogation claims, bodily injury claims, property damage claims and expert witness testimonies for the legal industry.

If you would like to enquire about building design, engineering services, project management or industry investigation – from industrial to homeowners then take a look at Incode or call 07 3844 7797. If you would like to enquire about a website, branding or internet marketing then call 07 3122 9888 or take a look at our portfolio.


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