Welcome the Game Changer

Welcome the Game Changer: How Smartphones Revolutionize Marketing.

Welcome the Game Changer: How Smartphones Revolutionize Marketing.

There was a time before marketing when customer options were constrained to a small geographical location and buying options were severely limited. With the advent of the car, radio, TV, and mass production, buying habits have changed dramatically. With more options came a marketing frenzy. The companies who understood the impact and power of marketing flourished. Those who did not, watched their competitors take over their consumer base.

The Internet has caused another dramatic wave of change in both consumer habits and the impact of marketing. Digital agencies, such as Eightball Media, have arisen to help companies capitalize on internet marketing to increase consumer reach and sales. Today, the Internet has become the first point of contact for customers and provides endless marketing strategies. One strategy of digital marketing that is becoming increasingly critical is mobile.

The power of mobile marketing cannot be overestimated. Smartphones are changing the face of shopping. According to the video, 79% of smartphone users use their phones while shopping and 95% use their phone to find local activities, such as restaurants and stores. 88% of them use the information collected from their smartphones to call or visit a local business. Additionally, 82% of us notice mobile ads. We click on the ads, visit the website, and it informs our purchasing decisions.

Before the internet, is was sufficient to hire out an ad in the Yellow Pages. To stay relevant in today’s quickly advancing digital landscape requires much more. Is your website mobile-friendly? Are you marketing on mobile platforms to increase your company’s reach and impact?

Mobile marketing is not a trend; it’s a game changer. Ready to see your company flourish? Make the switch and reap the benefits. Eightball can help make it is an effective and smart transition.

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