Important Marketing tips for 2010



Many businesses will be looking at growing their business in 2010 as the Australian economy rebounds strongly from the biggest economic downturn since the great depression.

Maintaining visibility of the business with strategic marketing is always critical for business and the focus on this will grow even more in 2010.

This is especially relevant online. Buyers today are more informed as they research on the Internet to learn about the products and services they intend to purchase before they buy.

Search Engine Results

According to statistics released by the search engines (including Google) 75% of clicks to websites result from organic (unpaid) search engine results while pay per click (PPC) advertising only generates 25% of clicks. Now in certain industries PPC is an efficient and effective way of generating traffic to your website. However, as more and more people understand how PPC works there is a growing trend for clicks on organic results which are sometimes more trusted for their relevance. Research has shown that focussing on organic traffic is smarter and your organic listings last longer than PPC that only lasts as long as you keep spending money. There is a simple solution. Develop more organic search engine traffic through effective Search Engine Optimisation.

Press Release Marketing (Good for SEO Too!)

Writing press releases online that are search engine optimised is a very effective marketing technique. This has long been a useful strategy for search engine optimisation and is becoming more and more prominent as an essential part of online businesses marketing.

Video Marketing

According to Forrester Research, 63% of respondents accessed online videos at least once a week, from a study of 5,300 business and IT professionals globally. Videos are capturing the attention of more viewers online and with the same impact as television. This is especially true with the continued success of YouTube and marketing through YouTube which is now the second biggest search engine in the world.

In 2010

Thanks to the Internet, most of your buyers are finding you and learning about you before you find them. Therefore, you need to be actively involved in the messages and reputation of your business online. Some of the best ways to do this is with SEO, Press Releases, Video marketing and social networking.

Internet usage trends indicate that 2010 will provide excellent opportunities for business owners who put in the effort to get great results. The most important point is to make an effort. Implement some or all of the marketing tips above to increase your business success in the New Year.

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