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IPSPIntegrity is a paramedical skin clinic that offers skin treatments, cosmetic procedures, hair reduction, body therapies, men’s therapies, sun spot removal and scar reduction. Integrity recently won 3 awards for clinic of the year and since then they have decided to move their online presence to a professional level.

Eightball media is a website design and online marketing firm who created the website based on key elements and features requested by Integrity. The website was released after an initial 10 week trial period.

The website features an online booking function for appointments, a professional media page, a professional news and events page, a newsletter system complete with a sign up/registration form, and social media plug-ins (Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter). The website used professional journalist and copywriting services provided by Eightball Media, combined with an overall website, design and flash package. The website also features a gift voucher system that uses PayPal. This enables people to purchase through the Integrity website, and then pay with PayPal, offering buyer security.

The Integrity website is promoted online using a variety of methods, including search engine optimisation, email marketing promotions and social media. These promotions include keywords for web content, search engine submissions (such as Google and yahoo), directory listing, monthly articles, press releases, performance reports, newsletter campaigns, EDMs (email blasts) and social media linking back and promoting the website. The website’s layout utilises a large banner on the home page combined with black, white and green.

Integrity Paramedical Skin Practitioners offers professional skin consultations and services for the treatment of cell health, pre and post surgical care, skin revision and the management of premature aging. Paramedical Skin Practitioners are dedicated to advanced therapy, maintenance, pampering, anti-ageing beauty treatments, bridging into new areas of highly effective therapy and service. Paramedical practitioners are able to work with sophisticated, prescription-only, retail and professional skin treatment products. These include the likes of Practitioner-only vitamin and mineral support formulations for the treatment of skin and general health, offering a holistic service for faster recovery and better results. The clinic also uses disposable consumables to ensure impeccable hygiene standards and prevent cross contamination.

If you are interested in skin treatments or if you would like to check out the website then visit Integrity Paramedical Skin Practitioners. If you would like to enquire about a website, branding or internet marketing then call 07 3122 9888 or view our portfolio.

IPSP Skin Clinic

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